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Egret was formed by a team of industry veterans, nationally recognized principals from some of the most renowned investment firms in the world. With strong complementary skill sets, Egretís partnersí capabilities stem from our deep backgrounds in corporate strategy, operational management, financial structuring and entrepreneurial investing. These skills, combined with over $250 million in personal assets, are what Egret brings to every one of its carefully chosen investments.

Because we are a closely held partnership, we value integrity, confidentiality and discretion above all else. When we begin working on a potential relationship, there are no press releases, leaks or public announcements. We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements, and insist that all discussions are conducted out of the public glare.

In a world of increasingly transient investment vehicles, the principals of Egret are widely known and respected, with many decades of combined experience in founding, funding, and adding value to companies. We live by our reputations, and would be pleased to refer potential partners to the executives who have done business with us. We assure you that the results of any background check will be stellar. That promise is a stark and simple indication of the respect with which we interact with others, and the experiences that they have had with us.

Many institutions and organizations are available to provide capital for expanding businesses. What sets Egret apart is our commitment to leverage our skills for the benefit of the company through the comprehensive, structured, value-added approach we bring to our investments.

Our process begins with a very careful selection of opportunities. Rather than go broad, we go deep. Before Egret considers an investment we look at every facet of a business, from management to markets, and from products to performance. But numbers are not the only metric we consider, because while important, they rarely tell the full story.

Egret looks beyond a companyís recent financial statements to understand its true potential for the long term. Like our namesake, we are patient and willing to invest our capital and ourselves in working with a management team to create substantial enterprise value. At the same time, we have the expertise to move quickly and decisively when the occasion warrants.

Because we highly value strong management teams, it is our philosophy to provide significant financial incentives to a companyís leadership, so that those who contribute to the organizationís equity growth are the ones who directly benefit from it. Our experience in hundreds of deals has given us the ability to consistently deliver win-win solutions that benefit a companyís equity owners, its management, its customers and ourselves.

Once our financial investment is complete, our involvement is just beginning. We work with the managers we are backing to develop appropriate strategies for growth, to implement operational improvements, and to identify add-on acquisition opportunities. In addition, once we have closed on our investments, management may take advantage of our broad and deep base of contacts among journalists and analysts.

We focus on the effective execution of the organizationís strategy. We have been managers ourselves, in companies ranging from manufacturing and production to mobile media and financial services, and are deeply familiar with the challenges that face corporate management in the twenty-first century.